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Homemade humidifier scents



Smell plays a special role in human life among the other senses. By smell, a person can determine the condition of foodstuffs. Smells are associated with memories of happy or sad events. A sense of comfort and a pleasant atmosphere in the home is often, surprisingly enough, directly related to the smell in the room.

Aromatic oils help to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in the house. These essential oils, which are extracted from plants, fruits or flowers, have recently been added to the air humidifier. Their scent can have a significant effect on emotional and physical relaxation. This method has gained a lot of popularity because the humidifier spreads the scents evenly throughout the room.

Humidifier as an aromatherapy device

A scented humidifier is used as a household appliance that vaporizes essential oil with steam. The air, during the operation of such a humidifier, is filled with fine water particles, the space is moistened and receives phytoncides from the essential oils.

Some humidifier fragrances can create not only a pleasant room climate, but also get rid of unpleasant odors. They can be used for body toning and healing effects. That is why the humidifier is often used by specialists in massage parlors and beauty salons for aromatherapy. Similar application of humidifiers with aroma function is possible in the home environment. Humidifiers with fragrances can fill the whole room with a pleasant fragrance that does not evaporate from the room for a long time.


Undesirable and recommended varieties

The use of special fragrance oils for humidification is not possible in all types of humidifiers, but only in those that have a fragrance function. The use of ether in combination with ordinary water leads to machine breakdowns. Problems are caused by the inability to properly clean the internal elements of humidifiers from oils. This leads to contamination of filters, membrane compartments. Frequent use of oil fragrance deteriorates the quality of the unit and it eventually fails. As an exception, the spout of steam humidifiers is used where a drop of oil is applied. At the point where the steam comes out, the oil combines with the air and adds fragrance, and the inside of the humidifier does not suffer.

Experts do not recommend the use of such humidifiers for scenting rooms:

  • Steam-type models. If you add fragrance to such devices, you need to wash them thoroughly before humidification, and better – and after each session.
  • Ultrasonic-type humidifiers. Oil negatively affects the operation of the humidifier, the device will quickly require repair.
  • Traditional devices. Such devices will not only have to be constantly washed from aroma oil residues. They will also need to replace filters frequently.

To add fragrance oils, it is best to use a humidifier with fragrance function. Such a device is equipped with a special compartment for fragrance, and the main part of the device does not come into contact with oils, without harming the mechanisms.

In some cases, humidifying devices are used for air scenting, working on the model of washing machine operation. Such humidifiers do not get dirty and do not need replacement filters.

Positive Effects of Essential Oils

Plant extracts, according to scientific research, have beneficial effects on human mental and physical health. Essential oils work immediately after inhaling the air because their beneficial phytoncides enter the bloodstream immediately. Oil-based fragrances are good for restoring the nervous system, for improving the emotional and mental state. Aromatic oils in the humidifier, when released into the air, have a beneficial effect:

  • Stimulate or soothe the respiratory and cardiac systems.
  • Make the brain work productively and help you concentrate.
  • Strengthen the immune system, making the whole body resistant to viruses and infections.
  • Gives luster to the hair, a positive effect on the skin.

Most aromatic oils are rich in antioxidants that prevent early aging and contribute to the removal of harmful carcinogens. That’s why plant extracts are added to moisturizers to optimize the body, which has to overcome disease.

Harmful effects of fragrances

Fragrance oils for the humidifier have their own negative effects. Releasing a large amount of herbal scent with steam, the humidifier along with the positive effects can sometimes have a negative effect on the health of some people. Natural herbal fragrance is harmful in excessive amounts, so not following the dosage and mixing oils incorrectly can harm the body.

The harmful effects of aromatic oils in the air are noted in the presence of allergies, bronchial asthma, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Acute attacks of bronchial asthma in aromatherapy can occur suddenly, so it is better to abandon such a procedure. Baby immature body of a child who is breastfed, is also harmful to the rich aromas of flowers, because they can cause allergic reactions and disorders. Doctors recommend people with kidney problems, thyroid problems and high fever to avoid aromatherapy humidifiers.

Popular oils and their effects on humans

Essential oils in the humidifier should be added thoughtfully. There are several of the most popular aroma oils that are good for individual organs and for the overall condition of the body. In constant demand are:

  • Orange. It has a positive effect on the mood, awakens alertness and energy, helps to get rid of anxiety and insomnia. Promotes the digestive process and heart function.
  • Basil. Well relieves spasmodic attacks, especially severe headaches.
  • Eucalyptus. Kills viral infections, protects against germs.
  • Tea tree. Similar in its action to eucalyptus. Helps repel insects.
  • Bergamot. Useful for fighting fungus in the home, stimulates the creative zone of the brain.
  • Lemon. Fights viruses, relieves headaches quite quickly.
  • Lavender. Has a good effect on the emotional background for depression, desolation and instability of the psychological state.
  • Pine, fir, peppermint are used for colds.

Many other oils can be used in moisturizers. Combinations of “essential substances” are also used to enhance the effect – you can mix them with your own hands.

Rules for the use of aroma oils in humidifiers

Aromatic oils are not dangerous to health, but care must be taken and certain rules should be followed when adding them to the humidifier:

  • You should not strive for a saturated scent and exceed the recommended amount of fragrance.
  • When choosing an essential oil, familiarize yourself with the composition and intended use.
  • Be careful of scents that can provoke an allergic reaction.
  • A scented humidifier should be turned on for a short time, as the scent spreads quickly and for a long time.
  • Do not overuse saturated scents unless you are sure of your tolerance to these fragrances.

When using essential oil in the humidifier, the fragrance compartment should be cleaned and washed every time, because it provides a good habitat and breeding ground for harmful heat-loving microbes.