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What are traditional Easter desserts


Easter desserts

All Easter treats are always nourishing and caloric, because this holiday is preceded by a great Lent, during which people do not allow themselves any excessive food. Therefore, it is worth paying due attention to sweets on this holiday, so that your sweet treats will be the main characters on the Easter table.

Sweet Easter Treats

The variety of sweet treats at Easter can amaze not only ordinary everyday people, but also the most avid gourmets. On this day, the choice depends, of course, on your taste preferences.

On your table can be both classic versions of sweets and modern sweets. And you really have a lot to choose from:

  • The Easter classic is the kulich. To add flavor and originality to this baked product, add a variety of dried fruits, nuts or candied fruits to it. Flavor the confection can be added with a variety of spices and spices: ginger, cinnamon, vanillin. A small amount of lemon or orange zest can add rich flavor and zest to your Easter pastry.
  • Another classic version of the dessert is cottage cheese Easter cake. The rich, creamy flavor will help to emphasize the nuts and dried fruits added at the cooking stage. And remember – the fatter cottage cheese you take for this Easter treat, the creamier the taste will be, and the texture will be more delicate.
  • Various sweet treats for Easter: cookies, gingerbread, cupcakes. All of these sweet treats, decorated in the theme of the holiday, will be suitable for fans of piece desserts, and can be a wonderful treat for your guests or as an addition to the greeting for this bright holiday.
  • Cake decorated with a holiday theme. Easter cake will be a great dessert for the holiday table, and you can surprise your guests or family members with a modern dessert.
  • Particular attention should be paid not only to the type of dessert, but also to the form of execution of sweets for this holiday. Any of the above desserts can be executed in the form of an Easter egg, a chicken figurine or an Easter mound. Gingerbread and cakes of this shape will look simply impressive, and the dessert itself will not go unnoticed and become a bright accent of your holiday.
Easter desserts

Cake decorations for Easter

To make your Easter dessert a real decoration of the holiday table, you will have to approach the decoration of sweets with full responsibility.

Naturally, the decor depends on the type of dessert you choose for Easter.

Choosing a cake as your Easter dessert opens up a wide range of choices for decorations and decorations. An Easter cake should represent the freshness, novelty, and brightness that this holiday brings. Decorate it with figures made of mastic:

  • Easter bunnies;
  • A sunny chick hatched from an egg;
  • an Easter egg with painting;
  • themed inscriptions.

All these will fit in with the holiday stylistics and your pastry masterpiece will not be out of step with the festive atmosphere.

In addition, you can execute in the same forms and gingerbread, painted with multicolored icing – they will look great as a separate dessert, and organically fit into the design of the cake as toppers.

If you are not a fan of fondant decorations, a great option for you is to decorate with cream. With its help, you can depict almost any holiday symbols.

Remarkably, the decorations made of mastic and cream will serve not only as a decorative element – you can safely eat such a decoration.

Recently, the confectionery market has been conquered by a novelty among the sweets – cake pops. You can use them, as well as toppers, to decorate your cake – select a filling similar to the dessert or be original and add variety to your cake and make cake pops with strikingly different filling.

You can also make toppers out of sugar paper, printing greetings or depicting holiday symbols on them.

The main thing is to stick to the traditional Easter colors: white, green, yellow, red, blue, and remember – the dessert on this holiday should not be “screaming”, and should dispose to a calm and joyful atmosphere.

Filling and Base for Easter Desserts

In choosing a filling and the basis for the cake at Easter, it is worth relying on your personal preferences, the taste preferences of your family or those people with whom you are going to spend this holiday.

If you want the dessert on this holy holiday to leave only pleasant impressions, it is worth responsible for choosing a confectionery for the execution of your holiday cake, unless of course you are going to create this culinary masterpiece yourself. When choosing a performer, you should consider the reputation and status, confidence in the freshness of products and quality of performance.

All this is ready to guarantee you the specialists of the confectionery “Maria”. In addition to the fact that the cake shop can offer over 20 kinds of toppings, experienced pastry chefs will help you choose a cake design or bring to life any of your confectionery ideas.

Among the delicious fillings, you are sure to meet your favorite and will return again and again for our cakes:

  • chocolate filling is sure to please fans of rich flavors – airy biscuit impregnation combined with delicate chocolate cream will give you a heavenly taste experience;
  • light fruit filling – it’s a tandem of fresh fruit, airy sponge cake and weightless cream;
  • Mousse filling will be suitable for connoisseurs of unusual light desserts – combination of biscuit base, light mousse and filling cannot leave anybody indifferent;
  • custard filling – light cream, crispy outside and soft inside the base – what could be better?